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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Third Paper

Esok paper

Electronic Instrumentation

This is a paper about:

Electronic instrumentation refers to measuring instruments used to measure the properties of electrical devices. It is a subject which deals with various types of electrical instruments with their functionality and operation. There are various Electrical\Electronics Instruments ,broadly speaking they are analog instruments,digital instruments. And even they are classified according to the utilization of voltage and current.

Measuring instruments are classified according to both the quantity measured by the instrument as well the principle of operation. Three general principles of operation are available:
(i)electromagnetic, which utilizes the magnetic effects of electric currents
(ii) electrostatic, which utilizes the forces between electrically-charged conductors
(iii) electro-thermic, which utilizes the heating effect
mekaceh encek Wiki

Finally,i'm reaching the third paper
Xsabar nak abeskan sumer paper
Paper yg neh wat waktu malam waktu malam lagi...
Time malam kat dewan tuh jadi lagi sejuk dari bese
Kalau pakai spek memang da kelabu spek tuh sebab sejuk sangat
Tetiber rase cam kat obersea la plak berangan.hehe...
Korang,doakan aq leh buat eyh???

Rase agak tension bile dak c0urse len sumer da selesai jawab final
di0rang dapat blk awl
huhu... i can go nuts if this kept on continuing

scheduled entry : study,study

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